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Where are all the Fibaro motion sensor conditions?

I’m trying to create my old flows in 2.0. One of those flows activated the lights in the living room when it’s dark and the motion alarm is triggered.

There were (pre 2.0) many conditions and one of them was luminance is less then X lux. But I can’t find that anymore. Only ‘when luminance changed’. What am I missing here? And I can see tags but I just can’t edit them?

Same here I started at 2.0 but miss it too

Look for the Logic card.

it has always been done with the logic card, so if you searched for that condition card in the device just a small info for you, it has never been a device condition card.

as for the tags, trigger tags have no need to be edited, they will be filled in when the trigger card gets triggered.
if you want to test them, you’ll get a popup with all (local) tags used in the flow that need an “example” value for testing.

True, it was never that way, but now I see the difference in the interface. But now I understand.