Flow coming home in the dark won't work as expected

Pre 2.0 I used a flow to switch the lights when entering home and it was dark. Using hue and a Fibaro motion sensor.

It looked like;

  • When the motion alarm is triggerd
  • LUX = less then 4
  • Hue GU10 2 = off (extra to be sure it won’t happen in a choosen low light scene)
  • Turn on the lights (hue and some wall sockets)

But in 2.0 I come to this;


  • The luminance changed
  • Luminance is less than 5
  • GU10 2 is turned off
  • Turn on the lights

But in someway the flow isn’t triggert when arriving at dark and triggers a few times in the night when there’s no movement.

So what could it be. I have some difficulties in re-creating flows in the new interface.




Why not the same flow as in 1.5.x? Your second flow will always run, regardless if your home or not… Even at night…

True but when I start with;

When the motion alarm is on, there is in the AND selection just the motion alarm is on and the tamper alarm is on available. I don’t see any options for luminance then.

I lost all my flows migrating 2.0 @bvdbos

You can still use the sensor-values, there’s just no local tags for the trigger “motion alarm”:

@bvdbos I see now, it’s by adding the logic labels then.

New flow;


  • the motion alarm turned on
  • Luminance is less than 2
  • GU10 2 is off
    Turn on everything in a most fancy way