Light Dim at night


I have the following flow:

I want the light to dim at 20% in the evening en 5% at night. With this flow both are triggered at the same time. Does anyone has an idea of what’s wrong with the flow?

What it says is when movement occurs and it meets your IF, turn on the light at 20%. At that moment your lux will go up. When movement occurs and it will not meet your IF because the lux went up, it will turn on the light at 5%. So the lux will go down, etc

I have made a extra flow which measures the lux only when the lights are off. Just make a extra variable.

I use a few other tricks for this:

  • I set luminance thresholds per room to determine whether the room is dark / light
  • I set a variable ‘Hallway_LightDark’ to either light / dark based on luminance changed events
  • I only turn on lights when motion has been detected AND it is dark in that room.

When your luminance is larger than 15,
It will trigger the else…
Dont thinks that is what you want.
The 2nd OR is not usefull. Its a restriction of the 1st and bot will trigger the THEN.

My advice: dont make the flows too complex. more flows is not bad, so split them up

Make 2 flows for the trigger
1 WHEN movement AND luminance is lower then 15 AND NOT dagdeel nacht THEN trigger flow 3

2 WHEN movement AND luminance is lower then 15 AND dagdeel nacht THEN trigger flow 4

3 WHEN this flow is started … your 20% flow

4 WHEN this flow is started… your 5% flow

Put them Together in a folder. This way they are much easier to read, lesser error prone. (And you can also trigger flow 3 and 4 for other purposes)

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I did created a second flow just like you described and it works perfect. Thanks