Need help creating a flow: Blinds (Somfy Tahoma) should go up if a certain brightness is reached (Data source hue motion sensor) but not before 8:00 am

I am trying to create a flow with the above mentioned criteria. But it is not triggered.
What I tried:

IF Motion sensor brightness > 60 lux
AND the time ist later than 8:00
SET the position to 100% (which is completely open)

I think it does not trigger because it might only trigger on that moment, where the brightness crosses the “60 lux line” and if that is the case before 8:00 there is no triggering.

Does anyone have an idea on that topic. Would appreciate any help.

Kind regards!

Try (of you can)

IF - Brightness changes
AND - (Logic) Brightness is higher than 60
AND - Time is after 8am
THEN - Set position

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That sound logic to me. Just modified the flow and will give it a new tomorrow. Will give you a reply after that. Thank you very much for taking your time!!!

The problem with your flow is, if the brightness rises higher than 60 lx before 8:00 o’clock in the morning, then the flow will not be triggered. It will work in wintertime, because the sunrise will be later than 8:00 o’clock, but not in summertime.
So the right way is Torbjorns flow. Every time the brightness changes it is checked if the brightness is above 60 lx and is after 8:00 o’clock.

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Hey to the both of you. This worked out. I was also thanking that the problem is the one mentioned by you but was not able to figure out a solution.
But this morning it worked with your solution. Thanx again for your help!!!

The solution was from Torbjorn, I just explained it a bit more. :wink:

Fixed that :wink:
I was not aware that only one reply could bei marked as “solution”. Thanx anyways for your kindness!

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