Tag missing in advanced flows

In this flow WHEN there is motion AND lumination is less then 159 something has to happen. But when i connect WHEN the luminiation changed to any and to logic less then 150 a tag comes available. This tag is called lumination. When i insert this tag and also connect WHEN there is motion the flow stops at the logic card lumination less then 150(lumination is 100). When i only connect WHEN there is motion and connect it with the logic card, the tag for lumination is missing and i can also not choose another tag.

What am i missing?

I think you selcted the “local” tag from the WHEN card. In that case you are using a tag that’s only valid if the flow is triggered by this WHEN card.
Instead you should select the device tag from the AND card. This card should offer a corresponding tag. And this is read from the device capability directly and not from the WHEN card (exported tag).

There is no tag available at the AND part. I can’t select any tag with the logic card. Using the normal flows i do have the possibility to choose any tag from any device. The Neo motion sensor only gives the possibility at the AND part for Motion is on. When i use that card and add a lohic card I don’t have the option to choose any tag in the logic card. When i iuse at the WHEN part the luminance changed card i do get the option for a luminance tag at the logic card.

So it seems that i can chose every tag at the AND part with the old flows, but not with the advanced flows. Not so advanced seems to me.

I am on Homey 8.01.

Am i correct? Is it a bug or is it supposed to work like this with the advanced flows? Or am i just overlooking something.

Yon can select on the local tags, each from another WHEN card.

But the token will only be valid if this WHEN card was triggered.

And if the devices don’t support AND cards for this capabilities, you can only use the global tags for this device (representing the current capability value):

This is what i get

Hm, you should see all global tags in addition. I have a very long list where I need the filter to find what I’m searching. Perhaops a browser/cache problem?

It is the browser. Used google chrome, switched to mozilla firefox and there it showed up. Had to remove the connections at ANY and had to add the tag again. Thx for your help

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