[FeatureRequest] List of flows for a particular device is incomplete: include tags!

When replacing a device, or ensuring that I got all flows correct, I often check the “flows” tab for a particular device. On my iPhone, this tab lists all flows associated with that device. Here is an example for my Tempest weather station:

However, awesome as this list may be, it is incomplete:

  • It is missing flows which uses tags associated with this device.

For example, I have a flow that checks every few minutes if the wind strength is very high, and if so, it will retract my sun blinds. (*). However, this flow only uses cards from the logic app, which in turn uses the wind strength tag, which is one of the tags from this weather station device. Despite that, it does not show up in the list of flows associated with this device. I would expect Homey to also list this particular flow.

  • In addition, I can’t seem to find this feature in the web interfaces, only on the iPhone app.

(*) Note: I previously triggered this flow on every wind strength change, but since wind strength changes happen so often that Homey will automatically disabled the flow because it triggered too often. Hence I changed it to a flow that checks the wind strength every 1-2 minutes. I made some more simplifications to make this feature request easier to understand.

(Edit: make my request easier to understand)

Perfect case for Advanced Triggers with Debounce.

@Rrrr Thanks for the suggestion, but it does not help me with the feature request itself.

Agree. It does help with / avoid some of the details you provided in your issue description. You addressed several issues at once.

It indeed only shows flows with device related flowcards, without an alert
Still, in the past the flow overview wasn’t there at all, so it’s a good first “version”.

Make sure to send your request to Athom support.

Right click on the device tile

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@Peter_Kawa Thanks for the pointer on the webinterface! I also mailed Athom support (since I am not sure if they read this forum). Let’s hope they consider implementing this.

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+1 here too.
Already mentioned it to @Athom too…