Apps missing in flows


When I create flows on my mobile (android and iOS) only some of my installed apps are listed and available for action cards. When I create flows on the PC, all the apps are available.

Does anyone else experience this and know why this is? Images are attached showing this difference

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The apps on the smartphone are not missing, I guess this is a new feature of the Homey Web App. Behind the apps in the Homey Web App there are only the connected devices listed. In the smartphone app these devices are just assigned to the rooms, not to the apps. So with the smartphone app you have to choose the right zone where the device is located.
Btw. Homey Web App is still in beta phase.

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Thank you for your reply. I did not think of going through the zones to find the device I wanted to use as a trigger.

Just to elaborate on your answer, some apps seem to have their own cards. Like the LIFX app. Those apps appear in the apps section when creating flows on the mobile. Some apps don’t have any cards, just devices. On the mobile, those are accessible through the zones, in the web app, all apps appear.

That’s right. But if these apps are for devices, then there are only action cards for device groups, but not for single devices.
I don’t have LIFX lamps, but at least that’s how it is with Hue lamps (via Hue Bridge).
Is it the same with LIFX?

yes, only works on zones. So if you want to use the lifx app on individual lights, you need multiple levels of zones, all the way down to 1 zone per light. Which I did, because I didnt realise I had access to the devices through the zone, like you described.

Yes, I provide zone specific cards for controlling all LIFX lights in a specific zone. That’s because the build in zone cards are rather simplistic and I wanted the features LIFX offers on zone level as well.

Also, basically, the cards you see on App level are cards which are device independend. Device specific cards are found on the devices only, which requires navigating to that device as you noticed.