New Apps not showing up in my flows


I’ve installed the following apps that won’t show up when creating flows:

Circadian lighting
Google Chromecast
Homekit controller
Tesla Smart Charger

I just tried downloading the Spotifiy app just for a test to see if it would show up.
It does, but only with 3 “then” functions. The app page shows many more.

I tried restarting my Homey Pro, restarting all the apps, and made sure that they’re all enabled.

Can anyone help me with why this is happening?

After installing the app you also tried to add a device with the + on the device tab?
It is on the top right. On the pc and on the Homey tablet or phone app.

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Thank you Mike, turns out I was being slightly clueless, and it was as simple a solution as that.

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