Help with flow - missing TAG in flowcard error?

I am trying to make a flow with a logic card in the AND section. The flow looks like this:

The AND condition has two TAG’s:

When I try to save the flow, I get an error:

What am I doing wrong here?

I had this morning the same error message in a similar flow . A reboot helped.
I assume, it is caused by a bug.

Thanks @Ton_Meek

I solved it by replacing all cards in the AND section with these:

And the original flow still produces the “Missing TAG in flowcard” message? If yes, does a homey reboot fix it?

Yes, the original did still gave an error. I have not rebooted Homey. Will do so tomorrow!


Yes, you were right. A reboot solves this issue. The flow can be saved and does not return a ‘Missing TAG in flowcard’ message.