Somfy RTS newby help

Whole new world joining Homey - so just starting to learn!

Have 3 Somfy RTS blinds - all connected nicely and I can use the up and down buttons to open and close - have even made a flow that uses Alexa to close the blind to the MY position …
How do I build a flow to ‘Open blind’? I can’t find any logic to do that!


Is there any way to activate the Somfy motor in either direction for X seconds?

Many thanks in advance


At the THEN part you choose the Somfy RTS app, there you have several options

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I suppose you can do this with a flow atvthe THEN part. Also choose the Somfy RTS app, make a card open the screen and a second card stop screen with a delay for as long as you want

Would be great if there was a step wise way to do this?
Is it system, zone or device - and if so… which

As I said - newby and learning…:+1:

I have not tried this but i think it will work. It is an example.
When it is 8:15, on a Thursday, the screen goes down and stops after 8 seconds.

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Thx @Mike1233 bit of problem - translation isn’t working :frowning: Any chance of English version? :man_shrugging:t2:

Datum & tijd, date & time , name of 1 of my blinds is “Screen”.
Zet de status op: Omlaag. Status, put it down.
Still = stop.

In the pulldown menu “zet de status Omlaag” there is also a Omhoog, that means Up.

I hope this will help.
I have my Home now for 5 weeks or so. I have to learn also a lot.

Many thanks for this - have managed to get it to work :+1::+1:
It was about me thinking in ‘blocks’ so rather than down for 9 seconds need to stop after 9 seconds…

Lots more to learn - thank you for the help - will be looking to sort some sensors next… :smiley:


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