Somfy RTS, triggered?

I have one Somfy RTS venetian blinds, linked to Homey, installed in the app only tilt, not up or down. The blinds are always down, they only need to be tilted.

I want this: when we wake up, go downstairs (motion sensor), the blinds have to go open. In the evening when it’s dark and go upstairs, the blinds have to close.
But, in the WHEN and AND field, there are no Somfy triggers.
In the THEN field, there’s only

  1. Tilt (and then only steps, no position) and
  2. Go to MY position.
    So I can’t check if the blinds are tilted up or down; no position at all.
    So, in the morning I want them to go in the OPEN position, in the evening I want them to go in the CLOSED position.
    Can someone help me?

You don’t need any triggers for this as that is done by the motion sensor, etc…
It probably won’t be easy get the conditions and triggers right for your scenarios though.
I have my blinds working in a similar way but I don’t use motion, just a light sensor and the time.

Program the My position to the tilt open position and then set the blinds to either My or closed.