Somfy RTS timing

I’m about to buy horizontal blinds for my living room. I want to tilt them with Homey, depending on the amount of light in the living. Somfy RTS-motors are possible, and with an interval (or delayed stop-command) I could time them to be at the position I want them to be. But in Homey I can only use whole seconds, and not 2.4 seconds for example. Is there a workaround available? Or does the Somfy RTS-app provide this already? I don’t have any RTS-devices, so I can’t find this for myself.

I’m not sure that would be possible. The RTS protocol is not that precise.
I’m not entirely sure if the RTS app can even tilt them as I seem to remember it just has up / stop / Down and My position controls, but I could be wrong about that.
have a look at this

Thank you both! I will look into different motors for tilting (which I think is the same command as up/down), but the countdown app will suit my needs for exact timing. Hopefully this will be accurate enough. Especially to level the blinds exactly horizontal, it would be nice if it’s accurate enough.

If anyone has tips for tilting motors, keep me advised!