Blinds made by Somfy

I have three blinds with somfy RTS motor. They all function correctly. The moment a put them together in a flow one of the blinds doesn’t react. How is this possible?

Because its sends al the 3 signals at the same time. Notice that also, given a delay to blind 2… blind 3. Ands working again

Had the same issue with four Somfy roller shutters.
Gave each of them an delay and all is good now

I am having the same issue, I just gave 1 second delay but still get issues. Could you please let me know which amount should be the right one?

is it so hard to try it your self? try 2 seconds if its not working try… not that hard to figure it out

Thank you Roy for the reply.

I already know I can try myself but I wanted to see which reasonable time might be the right one and which one works for others.

I am having some random issues with this and with some fibaro wall plugs and in both cases it used to work with the 2 hubs I had in place before moving to Homey. I own 11 blinds and I have already done a few tries. Increasing the time even if the issue appears with lower occurrence it is still there.

Sorry for bothering you.

No problem, you didnt mentiond you already tried different delays.

Do you have al 11 blinds in 1 flow? If so try to split them in to more flows. Its a known thing that to much cards in the and section can give this behaviour.

On top of having 1 device per blind I have created several virtual devices in order to control different areas of my house with a single device.

Then, I am having several flows depending on the device it triggers them. In the worst case scenario I have 5 cards + calling other 2 flows from a single flow (so in the background there is an scenario opening / closing the 11 blinds).

Have you delayed calling the flows from the main flow?
In theory the then actions run asynchronously so the other flows will run at the same time as the 5 devices in the flow. Therefore, the blinds in the other flows could try to execute at the same time as each other.

Thank you @Adrian_Rockall.

I was not aware it is the way it works. I had delayed it but probably not enough. I am trying with higher timings and doing more tests. It seems to work better.

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