Virtual sensor from mqtt or http?

Is there a way to have a virtual sensor in Homey that get’s its value from mqtt?
Either that or set it via some http request to the homey?

I want to write a value to a virtual sensor in homey so I can use it in flows.

Yes, like this:

Thank you. What do you use for virtual sensor? I’ve only found virtual switches in the homey.

I’m not using the built-in virtual devices, instead I use this app

I tried that app, but I’m unable to set the virtual sensors value. I’m running firmware v5rc50, perhaps the app does not support v5.

I can rest the value from the mqtt topic and use both on a variable and a notification. But the value on the virtual sensor does not set.

Plz show us the card.

The Better Logic variable is set (I’ve confirmed that) and the flow is triggered (the notification is created), but the sensor value is not set.

Set value=measure_power.
Plz do not use tags in the first option of the card but type in manually “measure_power”.
Like also visable in the flow cards from @Henrik_Johnsson.

Thanks, that worked.