1-wire integration

Just bought me a Homey and have started to learn and this is my first post here.
I have added most of my devices, but I have a few 1-wire sensors that I would like to get into Homey.
I have tried to find information related to this but with no luck.
So… anybody know if is it possible to integrate with an owserver or if it is possible some other way.

Maybe you should give some more information then just “1-wire sensors”.
Things like brand, type, what kind of sensor would be handy to get an appropriate answer.
Did you have a look if there is an app for it in the app store?

Nothing in the app store.
All sensors (temperature, humidity, counters, lcd display) are exposed through an owfs filesystem.
So I would like to integrate with the owserver and add the sensors as some kind of virtuell devices that should be able to read from and write to.
My other solution was to try to publish a value from one of the sensors from my raspberry hosting the owserver to the mqtt-broker on the Homey with a topic corresponding to an added virtual device but with no success.

Sorry man, i really have no clue what you are talking about. I hope someone else is able to help you or get you in the right direction.

U could make a topic on de PI and subscribe on that with the MQTT from Homey (app available) and then put that into a variable on Homey. Let the virtual device change its value when the variable changes.
Or send a webhook from the PI and catch that with the logic cards in Homey.

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Or look at “Homeyduino app” and use an ESP board to connect the 1 wire devices

Solved it the way you suggested, so thank you.
Made topics on the PI (for all ow sensors) and published to these topics.
On Homey subscribed to the topics with MQTT Client and put the values in variables.
Set the variable values into virtual devices.
With web request I could also write to the ow lcd display.

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