Adding MQTT devices

Hi guys,
I’m a new user, I’m trying to understand how the Homey Ecosystem works.
This is the scenario: I’ve got two lights controlled by MQTT. Already have a MQTT broker on the network; on the same network, got Homey.

Knowing the MQTT topics to control my lights, how to integrate them on my Homey ecosystem?
Thanks for your time!

Welcome. I assume you didn’t try this (as recommended in the welcome message you just read) yet?

You’re wrong. I tried, I didn’t find something that helped me, otherwise I wouldn’t wrote here.

But u did find the MQTT client app in the AppStore?
That way u can send and receive.

Well, sorry then, according to your join and read time i figured you couldn’t have read a lot yet… :innocent:

I believe that it’s the app MQTT Hub you’re looking for, not only the Client. Using the Hub you can add a device using MQTT.

Edit: To clarify, you need both apps.

Thanks for all the positive answers, guys.
I tried only the MQTT client, I understood this can operate just as a… client, in strict sense.
I saw MQTT Hub but I thought it was just to create a Broker, not for adding a device. Fine: so this is the path, I’ll try this direction.
I’ll keep you updated, if something useful comes in your minds, please let me know.

Thanks a lot