MQTT switching Device?

Hello Everyone,

i am new @homey and the doing of it. I recive my homey yesterday and the most of my rules are working fine. I came from and use “smart home” since a couple of years.

But i need help with MQTT in Homey. In the past i have create a “Mqtt Device” and give the Device the Topic and the state so that i can control it remotly. I just search for a option in Homey. I just install the app mqtt client. but i dont know how i can control the devices.

I have a ESPEasy Wemos D1 in the garden which open and close valves for watering my garden. in the past with pimatic i can handle it like switches. If i switch it on i send a Message like “/poolhaus/gpio14 on” - but i dont find a way in Homey to create a MQTT Switch.

I have allready a Mosquitto Broker running in my Network - i dont need a new one. I want just connect to the Brooker with Homey - but i dont understand the way what i must do here :wink:

Amd yes, i hav search in the forum. But i dont find the answer.

Thank you very much!