Mqtt and apps not working after update

Hello all,

Recently my homey got updated to v7.1.6, but since then our MQTT hub app isn’t working anymore. I use HASSIO as UI and homey as primairy hub for the nodes. MQTT is used for communication between them. When I switch a device on/off in HASSIO, you can see the command coming up in the logfile of the MQTT Hub app on Homey, but furthermore nothing happens. Homey does not actually switch the device.

I tried rebooting and restarting the individual apps serveral times but with no luck. I als tried reinstalling the homey apps, but after uninstall, I somehow am not able to reinstall them. I get the confirmation message stating that the app will be installed shortly, but this never happens.
I think this issue is related to the issue with the actual mqqt app not working well.

Anyone experiencing the same or any tips?

Kind regards