Esp32 / esphome


I am wondering if anyone is using esp32 boards and was able to add them into sensors/devices in homey.
I got a couple of esp32 boards setup with esphome, and they act as a bluetooth over wifi bridge for xiaomi flora and xiaomi temp/hum sensors (Like this:

I also got a couple of esp32 boards which has temp/hum and others sensors connected directly to the board. I looked at homeyduino app but couldnt see that fit together with esphome, maybe Im wrong :slight_smile:

There is no direct support for ESPHome devices, but you can use the MQTT client app to create flows that trigger on new values being posted by your device(s).

Homeyduino is meant to create your own “firmware” that runs on the ESP device. It integrates nicely with Homey, but it requires that you write the code for your device yourself.

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Ok, thanks for quick reply. If I start using MQTT is it possible to add sensors as devices in homey over mqtt or is it only possible to create flows based on information from mqtt?

There’s sadly no possibility to create devices based on MQTT data at the moment, so it’s flows-only. As a workaround, you can create a virtual device based on the capabilities that your sensors support, and set those capabilities using MQTT flows. It’s not ideal but at least you’ll be able to create actual devices.


I use this app:

And used this 2nd script on the ESP ( Script – Deur open)

It creats a very simple webserver. Ou can even control it through the webbrowser.

Got into ESP sensors lately.

check out Tasmota.
also alot of chinese wifi sockets are based on ESP and work with Tasmota already!

Homeyduino is also a very handy way to control ESP devices.

I noticed Homeyduino is not longer supported and it has several bugs.

Here is an ESPhome app