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Hi everyone,
I am a new Homey user and coming from Home Assistant. In Home Assistant I used to monitor my server by sending info by MQTT to Home Assistant with mem usage, cpu load, uptime etc.

I have figured out how to get the values into a variable with Better Logic and a MQTT Client in Homey but I am still to figure out how to display the information as a device.

Is it possible to display that information like this?

Not sure if this is what you mean, but:

With Homey Insights you can view variables in graphs:


The example shows the Hue Outdoor Sensor 7 day temperature values and the Homey System memory use.

Furthermore, at you can find the parameters you mention and more.

I think he means system etc of his server, not of Homey.

These can be shown in a device-info but I think you’d have to create your own app or Virtual Device (based on for that.

Nice one but my “Better logic” variables does not show in there.

Yes I am looking for showing the current value in a device-info. I am trying to get it working with Virtual Device but am unable to set the values from “Better logic”

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I’m also for a lookout after passing a variable from “better logic” to a VirtualDevice. I’m using a 3rd-party power meter for the whole house, and passing that JSON-request value (Watts) into a better logic variable. But I also want to see this value in a device, so I can add it to the interface

That should be visable in the virtual device on aye? Just click the device and hold it for a little while will show the values?

Thanks for reply, but I cannot put that better logic variable value into a virtual devices as a power value. That’s my issue.

I know that the homeydash can show variables by click-and-hold :slight_smile:

Make the virtual device with the VD app.
Make a wallplug with power capability.
Make a flow with:

And this:

Be creative!

Great idea @Rocodamelshekima !

I am trying to built something with the suggestions you made. Somehow I can’t get to set the values of the virtual device. To make things simple, I am just trying to set a value to ‘10’

I made a VD, defined as wall plus, gave it the capabilities of a sensor and selected 3 ‘stroom’, ‘energiemeter’ and ‘energie’.

Made a testflow:

(wasn’t sure about the tags, so I just made it ‘both ways’).

If I test the flow, all values remain blank.

I must be missing something :slight_smile:

Yeah, u missed the “measure_power” part
So sensor =“measure_power”
Value =the tag u want to show as power in the device


If you want set values on a VD you have to use the correspondent capability

E.g Energy es here:

Edit @Rocodamelshekima was faster. :grinning:


Thanks guys :slight_smile:


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Was exactly what I was missing too! I tried to add tag with “power” for the corresponding device in sensor field. But now I see that you have to write it as text.

You are so helpful here on this community, @Rocodamelshekima . I see you in many post and appriciate that :love_you_gesture: :heart_decoration: I think other are too!

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U would be surprised! :wink: