[Feature request] Allow variables for power consumption setting of devices that have no power measurement

At this moment, it is possible to set power consumption value(s) for devices that don’t have the measurement feature by itself.
I would like to have the possibility to set variables for these values, to have more control over the power insight.

Devices do have an energy consumption setting, like bulbs. You can easily measure or look up the maximum wattage used for off and on. Base on the setting for a light, Homey calculates the actual wattage.

For other devices like a wachine machine this wont work due to the complex energy usage.

Are you sure? That would be an interesting and good news for me.


Even though it may seem that appliances in standby mode are turned off, they’ll still be using energy. With Homey Energy you have the ability to monitor the standby consumption per appliance as well as the actual consumption when it’s turned on.

I wanted to make a thread here with energy uses for most lightbulbs and such, but one said it would be a monster job, because there are so many types and variations… in Dutch: Stroomverbruik: database met waarden?

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An overview is a really good idea. And yes, there are a lot of devices that don’t measure their own power consumption. But in my opinion:

  1. It’s your personal decision to make such an overview
  2. Such an overview doesn’t have to be complete
  3. Only devices/lamps without active measurement of power consumption make sense
  4. It’s possible to create a wiki post, so everybody can participate in the creation of the overview
  5. Only devices that are compatible with Homey should be listed
  6. The list should be in English language
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I know about the energy setting, that’s where I want to use a variable instead of a fixed value.

Your statement about Homey calculating the usage; you mean Homey would know when my Nest hubs are in night-mode (display off) or not? And my ledstrips consumption based on the dim level and color?
I would be interested in how they do that, but is great if it really works.

I thought, if I could use variables, I measure my situations once and set the usage accordingly.

I’m not sure if a thermostat has that feature. But lightbulbs do. There is probably good information on colors, dimming and energy usage.

Ok, I will monitor it for a while, but I doubt Homey can estimate the real power consumption.

I still think, having the option to add variables in the consumption setting’s of a device would be a good feature.

You have given the answer yourself: estimate vs. real.

But if you have a smart meter there is always an other part. And therefor an estimate is good enough.

Sure I have a smart meter. That’s why I see the that there’s a huge difference between total consumption and the sum of al device consumption. I want to have more insight in unneeded/unwanted power usage. And I think I can bring (virtual) device consumption closer to reality if I can change the consumption by a variable.

I don’t know what your resistance is against this feature but you didn’t provide another solution to accomplish this.