Energy usage database

Certain devices have an option to enter their energy usage in their settingspage. Doing that will help Homey to calculate the energy use of that device and present it in the energy overview.
Those with an energy meter can calculate values easy, but when it comes to bulbs it is a bit of a hassle. Therefor I present the energy use database. Here you can look up your device and enter the values.

Do you know the values of a device, please add them to the post. Be sure to enter all details of the device. You can find these in the device settings.

Brand Device Type Min Max Comment
Hue Ambiance spot LTW013 0.5 W 9.5 W Homey calculates estimate
HAY Neon Tube - 0 W 15W Use a smart plug, no estimate
IKEA TRÅDFRI LED Driver 10 W 0.18 W 10 W Homey calculates estimate
IKEA TRÅDFRI LED Driver 30 W 0.34 W 30 W Homey calculates estimate
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