Energy source

Hello everybody,
i have a question regarding the devices page. On the top of the page there is a field by default showing the energy consumption

Since i have several sources/devices that provide information on the energy consumption, I am not quite sure which source Homey is choosing. Is there a way to manually select the source of energy consumption that is shown on the devices page ?

here you can see further data sources that are available as an example

This is for the room that is current visible, in this case Home
It’s the total for all the devices from which the power consumption is known.

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Have you read

Depending on the zone from which you tap the Energy tile, it presents an overview of power consumption for that zone, neatly organized by device and/or subzone. Within the overview, you can tap on the chart to highlight specific subzones or devices, revealing their corresponding energy usage. This feature allows you to progressively identify power-consuming devices.
If you have smart meters or solar panels, these will be displayed on the ‘My Home’-level.

So I guess: the SUM

  • of All Measuring consumers in a Zone +
  • of all Estimated Consuming (x Factor | ON | OFF) +
  • MINUS the Measuring Producers (on Home-level)
  • excluding the Devices that are Excluded in the total (Advanced Option for some P1 Meters)

But if i do not tab any zone, it should show the sum of all, right ? But it doesnt. It will show some number which i cannot quite explain. I would like it to display a certain selected energy value. Is that possible ? Because i have an overall consumption value in one of the zones which i can use for that and this value is not an device which is added in the device list, it is a value i get via mqtt


Reorder your devices to adjust Zones , but Homey stays all incorporating the Selected P1 Meters.

Maybe Create a Virtual Device to set the value of your fe MQTT P1 Meter.
(Not sure of a Virtual Device for a P1 Exists)

Ok i will have a look into it. Thanks