Energy measurment of Smart devices


how can i tell homey, which Smart Devices (with Energy reporting) are connected to a certain smart plug with energy measurement?

For example: I have a fibaro smart plug and connected a hue lamp as well as my tv and HomePod to it. The TV and Hue reports it’s energy usage directly back to homey. Now I got these “measurements” as well as the one of the smart plug including the Tv, hue and HomePod.

I expect the tv and hue to be excluded from the smart plug measurement (list separately).

Afaik this is not possible.
With logic cards it’s possible to calculate the consumption of the HomePod, but I guess this is not what you want. In the energy overview of Homey the consumption of the tv and the Hue lamp will be listed twice, as standalone devices and within the consumption of the smart plug.
What do you use the Smart Plug for? Only to determine the consumption, or also to switch off the devices to reduce the standby consumption?

Btw, turning off the Hue lamp doesn’t make sense because it will disturb the Zigbee network and that can disconnect other Zigbee devices. It is similar with the HomePod if you use it as a HomeKit central.

This was just an (maybe over-simplified) example.

I just want to use the smart plug to measure any “dump” devices which are not connected to homey in order to report the overall power consumption.

In my opinion this is a common use case. (SmartPlug Reporting - Smart Devices = Dump Devices) All it has to do is to store a list of connected smart devices and subtract their power reportings)