Influx + Grafana


I am trying to get more detailed insights by using Influx and Grafana. (by means of the Homey influx app)
But it is not as user friendly as I was hoping.
I already installed the programs and they are linked to my Homey and to each other.
Could somebody explain how to make nice graphs and statistics?
For example a bars view with daily power usage (from a Smart switch with Power by the Hour), etc.


That’s a bit offtopic here, since you’re basically looking for a Grafana tutorial.

I’ve gone through the learning myself recently. Using InfluxDb v2 using both grafana and InfluxDb (v2) Web ui. Learn, read the manuals. Are you already able to see data in the db? Read on CLI access with InfluxDb for queries.

It is indeed of topic here unless you don’t get data from InfluxDb app in Homey to your DB. PM me if you stay stuck after reading and learning more on this matter.

@Pieterv123 my grafana dashbard is shared in the grafana community. it uses the prometheus app for gathering metrics though


I have data from InfluxDB Cloud and Grafana and for those they would like to follow, I created two very simple screen by screen guides. I hope you don´t mind if I share it here.