Visualize and store data from Homey and other sources

Searching thru topics ("show me your dashboard / MQTT ) I need some help glueing these options together.

I want to visualize data from sensors connected to Homey but als other sources like my Domotica setup and solar panels in a single dashboard and store the values in a database. I have a Synology NAS (DS218+) running Docker. The data/dashboard should be visible via the web.

I am new to MQTT / NodeRed / Grafana / InfluxDB / ??.. so some noob questions before I start investigating the wrong path …

Options seem to be

  • visualization via MTTQ and Node Red,
    But I would have to find a way to have all sources capable of communicating MTTQ and I don’t know about the option to store the data.

  • storing data via InfluxDB + Grafana.
    Grafana seems cool to build dashboards. Does except data from Homey via an App, but is it linkable to other sources?

What would you guys advise me?

Sorry for the noob level…

Thanks for any pointers!

With Home Assistant, this is very easy.
Home Assistant comes with an MQTT client and an MQTT server and can receive all data from Homey. It is installed on a Raspi.
On Homey, only the apps MQTT Client and MQTT Hub are necessary. Enter the IP address and port of the server and it runs.

Imported Homey devices:

Result in Home Assistant:

Example HA Dashboard Energy:

Example HA Dashboard petrol prices:

The HA dashboards and Home Assistant itself can be called up with any browser.

For a database you can consider some export apps;
Search the app store for “insights” and “export”
There’s also a new (to be released) MySQL app

Thanks for your input guys!

I can run Home Assistant on my Nas. I will give it a go!

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FYI MySQL App for Homey | Homey is live now.

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