SpaceHomey - just another dashboard (Nextjs, React, MQTT)

Are you like me board that there is no real, good looking, dashboard out there? Have you tried running HomeAssistant dashboard over MQTT from Homey and struggled with making it work and look nice.

At least I really want a tablet with a nice dashboard running the normal stuff and where Im not bound to HomeyDash or HomeAssistant stuff. This lead me on a quest to see what I could develop my self with the use of great apps like MQTT Hub.

So what have I done this far? Today I have a boilerplate up and running. Its running a bought template (to get started) running Nextjs and React JS. I make use of MQTT Hub on my Homey to retrieve and push information.

At the moment (2022-02-16) I have running:

  • A web site
  • Settings: Retrieves all devices from Homey MQTT, you can then select which ones you want to use and a Device class on it
  • Devices: Lamp, Sensor, Temperature, Presence
  • Floorplan
  • Click to change or Long Hold for more informatioj

Devices works like this:

  1. First your set them up under Settings
  2. Then a Device Hook starts up by retrieving all possible properties from that MQTT Device
  3. All supported actions are then updated from the Device Hook upon retreived from MQTT
  4. Actions (if supported) can consist on click which toggels like a Lamp or long hold for more information in a modal

There is a lot of stuff still to do and Im still trying out lots of things and rewriting code. The general idea is when Im more finished share my github repo so you can fork it.


This is amazing!

Great work, I’ve been following the project on the Swedish homey group on FB, and really want to learn more about this so I can do the same

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Looks great. Looking forward to beeing able to use, try, contribute if possible!

:+1: nice!!

WOW it’s awsome. Can’t wait to try it !!!

Looks great keep up the good work!!!


Cool project indeed!

Watching this with great interest, looks very promising indeed.
Good looking screens


Some update from today:

  • I have now added support for creating up your rooms in a separate JSON file
  • I have added a Export button that will show you a json for all your devices with type and rooms selected
  • I have added a Load Default button that will use your exported file added as a static file “config/devices.json” and load all states from this one

The main reason for these updates is to simply setting up new units without having to do all manual stuff on each device. The House part is to make simple views for example with Lights based on rooms instead of a big massive list.

I now think the base part is quite good. So will try to make some styling on the device cards and see where Im getting.

Have also started doing some readme about how to set it up yourself. Im still thinking about some parts where I dont want to checkin all my stuff about my house in to the code but I still want to save stuff. So havent figured that out yet.


Funny!! I just got the domain: :slight_smile:

And my goal is fi a dashboard. This looks similar to my thoughts! Awesome. Can’t wait to use it also… when is the first beta? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m glad to hear. Somebody should finally be able to create a real dashboard for Homey :).

I’m getting close to a beta. I hate documenting and is not the best on html css and stuff. So it’s a bit of a struggle. I like thinking out a solution and deliver on it and in someway I have actually done that now. Now it’s just the boring stuff left :slight_smile:


What a great idea! looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

if you are really into this kind of stuff, i would suggest; create a docker container with build in everything and you’re done :slight_smile:
or, create a HASS addon… or something :slight_smile:

Great work my friend! Make it work! :ok_hand: :+1:

A not really in to that :). HASS addon? This is for Homey, the whole idea is to be able to skip Home Assistant for this.

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Some update on the project. Have now completed some more stuff.
-New Device Type: Sonos
-Dialog/Modal now works on longpress with interactions and live updates when content changes
-Some stuff here and there

You can see a little video on it here:


ah oke… its standalone then.


any updates on this project? looking awesome!