SpaceHomey - just another dashboard (Nextjs, React, MQTT)

Nop :(. As always the last 20% take so much longer. Havent had any time for it. Its running here at my end but I guess there could a lot more. Have some idea to put it up as an external service where you easily use the dashboard. But that also takes time. I hope I get some hours in to the project now when the summer is over.

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Thanks for the update. Thinking myself to build something similar to yours but I am struggling with the ground architecture, how to structure the code while learning to code.

Pushing my luck here by asking , any chance of sharing a link to the repository for the ground of this project? Cheers!

If your new at this this is not the simplest of project. Quite complex architecture for this and homey is a bugger to work with.

The repo is sadly right now mixed with internal stuff for my family so can’t share that. Sorry. Altos of course with this type of development is lacking real comments and stuff. So hard to understand.


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No worries! :+1: