MQTT Broker for Homey

So it may be my Orbi that’s reseting the connection with Homey? I’ll take a look into that, thanks.

Was this ever ascertained? I too think they may not be being correctly retained.

On this broker messages are NOT retained when the broker or homey is restarted. The messages are stored in memory, just for the simple fact that there is (or was) no database available to store messages in. That would have meant writing a storage mechanism myself. Not something that is easily done as you can imagine.

You should really state that in the ‘not implemented’ features

I set my homey mqtt broker there are all family member owntrecks but I not see all member, only one. can you tell why? Or I need install mqtt my synology and that is work fine… I need help. thanks .
I installed the homey mqtt broker and location & persence and iPhone owntracks. I only 1 account add to mqtt broker that is I used location app configuration
And the owntracks settings dns and separate userid like wife name and childrens name but same password make broker settings. There is connection is connected. And see all devices location & presence app configuration page.

Hey. Im building a MQTT dashboard for Homey, SpaceHomey. In this Im using MQTT to create it. The problem with web is that you need Web Socket to be able to talk to MQTT. For me I have a separate mosquito server running where I have enabled it but I want to make it simple for everyone else. Is it possible to add the option to this app to enable Web Socket? Then users can just use this app together with MQTT Hub and we are good go.

Hey. The MQTT broker needs a complete overhaul because the used node library has been depricated. But is was possible to use a websocket as far as I can remember. But as said, I need to find a replacement MQTT broker library I can use.

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Hi all,

I have mentioned this before, but the MQTT broker app is based on the Mosca MQTT library. The problem is that this library is not maintained anymore and has the depricated status. If I keep using Mosca there will be a moment it will stop working.

However, there is a replacement called Aedes and currently I am trying to get the MQTT broker app up and running using Aedes.

I have the app running with the new Aedes library (still needs some work to get all the settings working). But I need your help to test everything. At first glance everything seems to be working and with less memory usage as far as I can tell. This is with roughly the same functionality as the current app.

Please let me know if you want to test the new broker version as soon as it is ready for testing. I would not want to release it and find out half of the users have problems.


Will it handle retained topics ?

I would be happy to test for you

I’d like to help testing too

In what way handle retained topics? You mean retained messages persisting after restart of the broker?

I am experimenting with the Aedes persistance possibilities. The only possibility is the use of the NeDB persistance as that is a nodejs implementation of a subset of the MongoDB API.

Looking at the files that this persistance framework is storing in /userdata, retained topics should be supported:

But how this actually works in real life, I do not know.

However NeDB is not being maintained anymore :confused:

From what I can see, the only other local persistence layer is based on LevelDB, which is going to be a pain to maintain because it requires compiled modules.

FWIW, there’s an NeDB fork which looks like it’s still being maintained.

Well NeDB is a dependency from aedes-persistence-nedb. If using a fork, aedes-persistence-nedb would need to changed too.

Lol, review of the fix for 7.4.0 RC’s got rejected:

— The app image is not up to our standars, the image depicts a black shape on a white background. Read our App Store guidelines section 1.4.2 App images for more information and examples.

Anyone feels like creating something that would pass this check? It was OK for the last 4 years…

You can publish the app in the Community Store!

Hi, I got such comments, too (no dark image background, device images too identical…). But with passing the app. There seems to be somone new who would like to make his reviewer job as best as possible :smile:

You can send me the images as PM and I will take a look at it.


Let Athom create the icons itself, but you have to have an image template.

@scanno since the latest Homey update the broker app seems to fail to start. Not quite sure what this could be?

Ive sent diagnostics in private message.

You need to install the current test version of the app: MQTT Broker | Homey