MQTT Broker and Home Assistant setup with TLS?

I’m trying to figure out how to connect MQTT Broker and Home Assistant.
I’m getting an error in Home Assistant where it can’t connect to the MQTT broker.

I’ve disabled unsecured access, but I have set port 8883 and enabled secure connection.
I created one user, and a self-signed certificate under “session” settings.

I’m using the username/password and the certificate as a “CA” certificate. No matter what I do, it doesn’t seem to work.
Also, what about client private key/certificate? How is that generated properly?

I have only use non-secure MQTT before, but I’d like to set this up properly between Homey and HA.

Anyone got any tips?

What if you use the HA Mosquitto Broker add-on instead?

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Hmm, true. Maybe it doesn’t make much sense to run it on Homey when I’m solely using it for HA anyways.

I’ll try switching it over.

I forgot I’m running it Docker now, so I guess Add-ons aren’t available. I guess that’s why I was thinking Homey was the way to go initially.

So maybe a separate Mosquitto container makes sense anyways.