MQTT op HA Failed to Connect with homey

Hi All,

To create a dashboard i’ve set up an Raspberry PI 4 with Home assistant OS, with lan connected to the router. Installed MQTT Client, Broker and Hub apps on homey. Watched all movies from HomeyCornelisse on youtube (what a guy and excellent tutorials), but i get stuck trying to connect HA MQTT with homey. after setting homey’s ip i found in the Unifi app, username and password all i get is ‘failed to connect’

what am i doing wrong?

Maybe this is of any help

Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately, in that topic the mqtt broker is a separate docker on a nas and not an add on in HA.

I know, but connection and authentication is general stuff?

Probably not :man_facepalming: hehe.

So you use mqtt broker on HA?
Same here.

  • Do you have mqtt hub and mqtt client apps installed on Homey?
  • I use a unique created login (for mqtt only)
  • I didn’t need Homey’s IP address, so I don’t know what Cornelisse told you?

Hi Peter,

Thanks again for the help. I couldnt find mosquitto broker as add on on HA, i have a broker app installed on homey, as well as mqtt client and mqtt hub. So i need to add homey’s ip in the mqtt app on HA, that’s where i get stuck. The tutorials and video’s can be found on

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The broker for HA can be found in the addon section of HA:
change the IP to your local HA IP!

Go to Settings > Addons
Scroll down
Hit the blue “Addon store” button, and enter ‘mosquitto’ in the search bar.

Thanks Peter, this worked!! all devices are shown in HA! One step closer in creating my HA Dashboard with homey, big happy here :smiley:

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