Import devices from Home Assistant, MQTT


I have a setup with Home Assistant running in Docker on my Synology NAS.
Now I would like to import the sensors I have in Home Assistant (Alarm sensors from from my DSC alarm system via Envisalink) to Homey.
I have installed the Mosquitto Broker on my Synology, installed MQTT Client and MQTT Hub on my Homey and setup MQTT in Home Assistant using this guide:

But the guide is for importing devices into Home Assistant from Homey, but I want it the other way around.
Is there anyone that could help me with this setup?

Thank you.

Thank you, but I’m sorry, I don’t understand.

“Install the application on your Homey and then go into the application settings.” what application, and how?

It’s a bit DIY, but if you’ve managed home assistant, it shouldn’t be too hard…

FYI, i don’t use this app myself…


Thank you!
Worked like a charm!

Do your sensors from HA update in Homey? If I start the App it shows correct values, but they don’t seem to update.

They update fine after a PTP

I only have binary sensors but they update with no delay


Looking for missing Also any guidance to install on HA. Assume you create custom_components folder (with python script) under ./config and restart HA? Thanks all.

Cc/ @Kfk @Eternity

BTW got this working with little effort and it’s awesome! I have several devices that don’t have native Homey integration but they are available in HA. With this custom integration, they work a treat. Thanks @rogro82

Hi there, working this out myself, what do you mean by PTP?

How did you get this working?

We are missing: ttps://

So sensors are visible in Homey but are not updating, please elaborate :slight_smile:

PTP=pull the plug. Please search the forum for instructions

Do any of you running this app on v5 ?