Updates to the dashboard

Hi guys - coming from HA and really love this Homey platform but have a few things I would like to raise. We have a screen in the kitchen where we all can see the top things at a glance… (location of the family members, some metrics (current electricity consumption / cost), weather, temperature etc…

So adding the following to the dashboard would be awesome:

  • charts (resizable like 1-2-3 cards wide) of any given insight metric
  • being able to toggle between bar and line charts
  • gauges based on certain criteria
  • being able to choose what data that should be visible on a custom card (large number of a temperature etc)
  • Adding a simple list of flows for easy access of a toggle switch (to be able to disable/inactivate some flows)
  • Zones - have a card for each person in the house with updated locations (for example, profil picture of John Doe and then the location like School, Store, “Friend James house”, or just simply Away if zone has not been added)
  • A tab layout of either rooms or per category - easier for a tablet
  • resizable cards (should be able to have them both smaller and larger)

Keep up the good work!

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Lots of Homey’s use HA for dashboard purposes :grimacing:
But, Athom invited you to send a drawing or photoshop compilation of your desired dash

Start @ 41:40