Hi all,

In yesterday’s email update from Athom they mention that they run dashboards on Homey and use Chromecast to display these on a TV. The Chromecast part I get, but from my knowledge it’s not possible to create dashboards on Homey using it’s data from sensors etc. I know HomeyDash is there but doesn’t really do what I am looking for, so my question is twofold:

  • Can I create custom dashboards with Honey data? For example showing temperature development over the last X hours, door sensor status and notifications on packages that are being delivered.
  • If not, what will the possible with Homey v2 with regard to creating dashboards?
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You can cast a website to the chromecast

Yes u can. Try Grafana

I’m also looking for this, And the app homeydash and the site homeyda.sh are not what I want.

How do I get data from Homey to show in Grafana? Can I connect Grafana directly to Homey? Or how do I get the data from Homey in an external database?

Well, take a look here.

Just an example of some Homey stats:

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This looks really nice but does require an external NAS to run Prometheus on, which can get quite technical and should not be necessary with the Homey infrastructure.

Can someone from the dev team tell us a bit more on what will and what won’t be possible in 2.0 for dashboards?

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So then I hereby invite the honourable mr @Bram to this topic :slight_smile:

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Hi @Sanderrr

You dont need an NAS or really any device in your own network, im running prometheus at microhost.com. it wil cost you 2,5$ a month and works fine.

example of my dashboard:

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Thanks, will have a look! However, I think this is something Homey should support way easier then it is now, and free! Hope that @Bram can shed some light here.

i love to have an dash like this also and tried to understand how this works. I have downloaded prometheus into homey. I don’t see anything usable. Then i went to “docker” to try and understand what this is. You realy have to be an IT expert to understand this. Its a new language for me. To bad that these things are so dificult.



I also really want to have a customizable dashboard for Homey on my tablet in landscape format. On the dashboard I would like to see readings of my sensors, (customizable) buttons on which I can press to switch on devices or start flows. And if possible values of my own created variables.

This would be my most wanted feature Homey does not have at the moment.

I hope someone will start a project like https://homeyda.sh/. Or maybe Athom can create something themself.

In this topic I see 2 types of dashboards: First one only displays data and the second one only has input buttons. I would love to see a combination. Some buttons and soms data on one screen.

in the meantime i installed ImperiHome and use it as a Dashboard. Yes , I can not see the actual status of Windows, motion sensors and lights But for scènes it works for now.

still waiting for a Dashboard which can see the actual status.


A Dashboard Designer would be great… like HABPanel

waiting for it

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hmm, i think the easiest way could be…the homey community collects some money and give it to the person who create a homey-dashboard app. :))


Ehm, maybe Athom should do that, not the community?

I think Athom has to be careful in how the are going to treat these “requests”. Since they are selling the “new” Homeys for even more money that the current ones they can’t afford to be deaf for the new buyers. Who are going to ask the same questions and want the same enhancements as we do without a doubt.

but athom said, they wouldn’t do that, i think :slight_smile:

Well, then they will have a problem somewhere in the future for sure.

you are right, but it was athom’s decision. :confused: but i hope, that a good developer will find a solution :slight_smile: