Logging temp and humidity

I am an absolute beginner:
My need is very easily explained.
I want to save my temperature and humidity readings in a log file.
I want to export the file to my computer.
(manually or automatically)
Anything else is a bonus.
I checked the apps and there are some using “loggin” in the name, but I do not understand how to use them.
Can someone help please.

Sure. Use the web app go to ‘Insights’, right click on a device and choose ‘download’.

You can use PaperTrails. The log can be e.g. viewed, filtered or something else in Excel after download.

PaperTrails can also send the log with mail or save to a syslog-server.

I use the InfluxDB app to export the data and use it in a Grafana dashboard. The advantage is that you have always the detailed data available over a long period of time instead of Hmey’s InSight.

Ok. That is simple enough. But If I have 5 sensors, I have to do it 5 times. Correct?
As I mentioned, I am a total beginner. Is there any way to save the combined chart in insights in the web app? Or do I have to select my sensors all of the time?

After some tinkering, I understand I have to create a flow to do this. I do not fully understand how to use PaperTrails. If I add the card “add to the log” how am I supposed to pick the sensors I am interested in?
Is there a global token for each sensor? How do I find out which one that is?

You need one Flow. When you building Flows with iOS- /Android-App:

In WHEN use the Device-Card SENSOR VALUE changed with HUMIDITY.

In AND for each Sensor wich should not logged use one LOGIC-Card with CONTAINS and the name of the Sensor.

In THEN use PaperTrails-Card SAVE TO LOG. In this card you can set what to log e.g. Sensor-Name and Sensor-Value.

As simple as it is with InfluxDB.
All insight measurements are exported, even if you have multiple sensors.

You can get something like this

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Hi I saw your solution, I’m a noob here but how do I do to see the log ? If I use that app and flow you showed? @Arnold_vd_Linden

Install Influxdb and Grafana on a server or NAS, and install the influxdb app on Homey

See the post of Peter