Calculate a value from temp and dewpoint, get a graph in insights

I want to calculate cloudbase with formula (Temp-dewpoint)*125.
Then I will also have the graph in insights.
Is it possible to export the graph to a webpage?

I have looked around in the forum, but dont now how to start.

That can be done with the apps InfluxDB or

Grafana is a nice tool for the graph part.

A webpage can be hosted locally or by a server somewhere on the internet (some call it ‘the cloud’)



Thanks for the reply.
First step that I have created a graph with a formula that works.

Second step that I will read this thread,

Hi again!
I have setup Cloud Influxdb on Homey and link Grafana to InfluxDB.
But I don’t get it work.

The influxdb app is configured right and sends measurements.
So I think you should go to influx or grafana fora.