Export data

I know there are allready a lot of questions on the old forum about exporting all sorts of data. Some solutions are more difficult then others. It is hard for me to find a good and easy solution to eport the data and do some usefull analytics with it. What is the best solution to export data and store the data into a file or database? I am looking for a solution without manually exporting and saving data into a file. I would like the files/db to be update on set times and dates.

Did you ever found out how to do this?
I would like to export some data to a MySQL database and then have some graphs showing via Grafana.

Have you tried the Export Insights app?

I looked at it, but then I would still need to import a CSV in to the database.
For example: export the value of a temperature sensor every 5 minutes.

I didn’t test it, but from the description from that app it exports all data, not only the data since the last backup.

Exports can be easily scheduled by using the trigger card in a flow. You can schedule a full export, or an export per app.

Try InfluxDB