Flow and Insights

In fact, I will try with that. Thank you

Nevertheless, here are the flows.

– a Countdown or Timer app like Chronograph or CountDown
– 2 numeric variables (e.g. ConOld, ConCalc)

– Every 24 hours
– Set Energie to variable ConOld

– Time is 23:59
– Start Timer/Countdown with 59 s

– Timer/Countdown is finished
– Calculate ConCalc as {{round(Energie - ConOld,2)}}

– Time is 10:00
– Push Notification “Yesterday’s consumption was ConCalc kW/h”

– The result represents the previous day’s consumption of 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds. So 1 second is missing… :wink:
– The result is given in kW/h with 2 decimals. If the result should be given in W, the formula must be as follows: {{((Energie - ConOld)*1000)}}

I hope I haven’t made a mistake, because I haven’t tried it myself… :wink:

Or just use Power by the Hour, and send yourself the total kWh a few seconds after midnight.Or open the PBTH device in the Homey app to see the totals of today and yesterday and last month.
Or open Insights and see the totals.

That is actually why I created PBTH, so that you do not need to create complex flows or create graphs/reports from exported data.

That’s what I was trying to do but in the “when” it just tells me that I can select when a value “greater” “less than” changes there is no “read” command.

How can I do that?

Has already been proposed 2x :wink:

You can select any value as tag from the PBTH device:

So there must be some truth in it. But some people need multiple reminders before a message sinks in :wink:

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Nice work, I will try and I hope to succeed.
Thank you

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I succeeded thank you, I’m a beginner. Excuse

Thank you so much for your help

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No worries for asking help on the forum. That is what it is for, as long as you are willing to put in effort yourself. And you did, with success as result :partying_face:

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Is it possible in any way to recall via link or http command the “Insights” graph of a certain sensor and a certain time slot (example 24h)?


  1. Click link

  2. Opens the graph of the
    My humidity sensor of the last 24h (without having to select the brand and then the sensor function and then the manual period is a bit cumbersome)

I was also thinking about the “Apple shortcut” app