[App][Pro] Tuya Cloud

possible fix for “Error: Error: Code: 2406; msg: skill id invalid” (when saving settings).

You can have this error when no Tuya Cloud devices are responding in Homey (even without any cause/message/error in Homey app/flows itself), if you go to the Tuya Cloud settings page in Homey and press to save the settings, you then receive this 2406 error message on this page.

Follow/try the following instructions to fix it:

  1. You have to login into:
  2. go to cloud → click on the name of your project → devices → Link Tuya App Account
  3. UNLINK here your app account
  4. then ‘Add App Account’ and link it again, you can do this by opening the tuya app on your mobile device and press the + sign and scan the QR code on the screen. tip: when added use the automatic recognition option and give all rights to the devices.
  5. Open the Tuya Cloud settings app in homey again and press SAVE (the error should be gone now)
  6. Restart the Tuya Cloud app in Homey as suggested, (in the homey app go to: more, apps, choose Tuya Cloud app, press top right the gear icon, then the option to restart app).
  7. Now test if a Tuya Cloud device is working normally again.

If all went well it should work again and your Tuya account is fixed/linked again…

Is it possible return an error on the flow cards when the API is not responding?
Now the cards where executed without an error, using advanced flow you could catch the error and ‘do something’ with it, now it was searching why a device did not work… (i my case i could trigger HA to operate the device if i got an error in the flow card back)