Tuya Cloud and Homey : Covers does not work anymore as expected

Hello there,

Since the official Tuya API is supported, my covers does not work as expected.
Note: everything works in the Tuya app.

Homey shows a on/off command for my covers instead of UP/STOP/DOWN buttons as before.
I can’t upload any images because I am a new user.

I’ve read this topic about new Tuya API integration:

I created a Tuya Cloud account, linked my keys to homey, added my devices again but this unique ON/OFF button still being there.

Did anyone already had this problem ?
Do I need to develop a specific integration for my covers?

Thanks in advance,

That is the exact topic to ask your Tuya Cloud app related questions.
But now we’re here,
I know the old driver used Up/Stop/Down, but the new one uses a slider.
So, a flow to fully open your curtain looks like:

And, set position to 0% = closed