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Problems adding a tuya Cover

I am trying to add a tuya cover to a homey pro. I have tuya cloud (0.0.15) installed on Homey with the same credentials as tuya cloud uses on my phone. I have no trouble connecting and controlling the covers with the phone, but cannot get the device to install on Homey.
The method I use to add a cover is to press the end button of th cover till the light flashes slowly or quickly, I then press ‘+’ on Homey and choose cover but all I get is “No new devices have been found”
Am I doing something wrong to set the cover in to add mode?

First pair the cover using the Tuya phone app.
Then it should be available as new device @ Homey Tuya Cloud, without need for any add or pair mode.

How to:

And… if a device can’t be added, it often still can be controlled using scenes: