Tuya working with Homey

I have a new problem again. One of my Tuya devices connected to Tuya Cloud is not working properly with my Homey Pro. The device works fine with the Tuya App. It has also worked fine with the Homey App until recently. But now the device no longer responds to commands in the Homey App while there is no error message anywhere. If I switch the device on or off in the Tuya App, it works fine. The status enabled/disabled in the Homey App will also change. But it does not listen to commands directly from the Homey App. I checked the Tuya Cloud API, not expired. No error messages. Device removed and reinstalled. Homey restarted. No solution. What could be the problem?

When other devices work fine with the Tuya Cloud app, I can’t think of anything
But there’s two workarounds:

Thanks for the comment. I completely removed, reset, and reinstalled the device, which solved the problem.

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