Using multiple Tuya Zigbee Gateways

8(!) hubs? Why? And yea I know you mentioned having a big home. One can build just one big zigbee mesh by using enough mains powered zigbee devices (which act as hop/repeater) all over the place.

When you want to control / read out ALL of your Tuya zigbee devices connected to your Zemismart hubs:
→ install the Tuya Cloud app.

Note: it only works together with the mobile phone apps ‘Tuya Smart’ or ‘Smart Life’. Meaning, your zigbee devices should be paired with one of these apps.

Note2: The app is not actively maintained anymore, but it works fine.

Carefully follow instructions in post #1 of the app thread below, and take your time to configure the necessary stuff:

When a device is not supported when you want to add it to the Tuya Cloud app, use the workarounds ‘tap-to-run’ and/or ‘RAW commands’
Both mentioned clearly in the same post #1.

One big disadvantage, imho, is you’ll need internet to communicate with your zigbee devices. While zigbee is a local protocol.

Big advantage using Tuya hubs: any Tuya zigbee device is supported, which you can’t say when connecting them with Homey zigbee.

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