Ring Doorbell and Camera support for Homey

This app lets you add Ring Doorbell and Camera products to Homey.

This topic is for Ring Doorbell and Camera support, if you are looking for information or support for the Ring Security devices such as the Keypads, Motion- or Contact sensors please visit the Ring Security - Extend Heimdall with Ring Security products topic.


Supported devices

Support is not limited to the below shown devices, all versions within the mentioned categories can be used with the Ring App, there is however, no guarantee that all functionalities on all devices is supported.

Any Ring Doorbell


Any Ring Chime

Stick Up Cam

Any Ring Camera


Any Ring Intercom

How to use the app

After installing the Ring app on Homey install a Ring device. While adding the device you will need to logon with your Ring Account. When successfully authenticated your available devices will be shown. Pick the device you want to use in Homey.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) must be enabled on your Ring account!

Supported languages

Translations were done using ChatGPT, please inform me of any errors on Github
:uk: English
:netherlands: Dutch
:denmark: Danish
:fr: French
:de: German
:it: Italian
:norway: Norwegian
:es: Spanish
:sweden: Swedish


If you want to support this app, please consider a donation

Donations are very welcome, though they come with no guarantees, warranties, or preferential treatment (just think of it that you’re donating for the work already done, not the work to be done).

This app was initially developed by Dennie de Groot and maintained by him until version 2.3.5



Q. I no longer receive notifications when motion is detected or when the Doorbell is rung
A. Sometimes Ring no longer sends out notifications, this can be fixed by following the instruction on How to: Fix notifications.

Q. How can I check if the Ring App is authenticated at Ring?
A. Please read the How to: Check if the Ring App is authenticated at Ring

Q. How can I authenticate the Ring App at Ring?
A. Authenticating at Ring is done by adding or repairing a previously added device. Please read the How to: Repairing a Ring device

Q. There is no image shown in my Ring device and on the developer pages, why is that?
A. The snapshot feature requires Motion Detection to be enabled on the devices, please check the devices settings if this is enabled.

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Current version: 2.11.1

  • Improved error handling.

Previous version: 2.11.0

  • Added support for Ring Intercom

Previous version: 2.10.28

  • Added newly introduced motion type to flow card

Previous version: 2.10.27

  • Improved flowcard to set the mode of a location
  • Fixed problem with Siren Off flow card

Previous version 2.10.26

  • Repaired receiving of notifications after Ring API change.

Previous test version 2.10.25

  • Improved new ring-client-api

Previous version 2.10.20

  • Added Smart Alerts to Doorbell and Cameras
  • Minor translation fixes

Previous test version 2.10.19

  • Test version for Advanced Motion

Previous version: 2.10.14

  • Added additional translations

Previous version: 2.10.12

  • Fixed Location Mode flow cards for locations with a Ring Alarm System

Previous version: 2.10.10

  • Added flow cards to snooze and unsnooze a Chime
  • Adapted to changes in the Ring API

Previous version: 2.10.8

  • Added setting to Cameras to enable/disable motion detection
  • Added setting to Cameras and Doorbells to configure the motion timeout
  • Added new App Store images
  • Added new device icons

Previous version: 2.10.6

  • New communication method with Ring API
  • Minor fix in handling snapshot errors

Unannounced test version: 2.10.5

  • New communication method with Ring API

Skipped version: 2.10.4

Current version: 2.10.3

(All changes since previous stable version 2.3.5)

  • App upgraded to SDK3
  • Added additional translations
  • Improved device pair function
  • Improved device repair function
  • Improved status view
  • Improved handling authentication failures1
  • Set devices unavailable when Homey is not authenticated at Ring

Current test version: 2.10.3

  • Added additional translations

Previous test version: 2.10.2

  • Devices will be set unavailable when authentication at Ring is lost
  • Small improvement to authentication process

Previous test version: 2.10.1

  • App updated to SDK3
  • Added several new translations
  • Added new App Store images
  • Minor code fixes
  • Improved device add function
  • Improved device repair function
  • Improved apps settings page

Previous test version: 2.3.8 (only available on Github)

  • Added several new translations
  • Added new App Store images
  • Minor code fixes
  • Improved device add function
  • Improved device repair function
  • Improved apps settings page

Current test version: 2.3.7

  • Changed App Store links

Previous test version: 2.3.6

  • App transfered. No functional changes

Current version: 2.3.5

  • This is the last version published by the original developer Dennie de Groot


In no particular order, no eta will be given

Improve device repair function
Improve apps settings page
Improve device add function
Update the app to SDK3
Publish SDK3 test version to Homey App Store
Look into handling authentication failures
Look into occasional invalid_content_type error when getting preview image
Set devices to unavailable when authentication at Ring is lost
Check compatibility with Homey Pro Early 20231
Complete translations in app.json
Rewrite communication with Ring API
Add setting to enable/disable motion detection for Cameras
Add setting to configure motion timeout for Cameras
Add setting to configure motion timeout for Doorbells
Add flowcards to(un)snooze Chime
Investigate the possibility to use Smart Alerts (Requires Ring Subscription)
Add Smart Alerts for Doorbell and Cameras
Add support for Ring Intercom

1 Compatibility with Homey Pro Early 2023 has been checked, all seems to be working as is on the older Homeys. Mind you, the firmware for Homey Pro Early 2023 is still a Release Candidate.

How to: Fix notifications

Sometimes Ring stops sending notifications to devices other than the official Ring Smartphone app. If this happens to you, or they are only working sporadically, the steps below should help.

Steps to fix notifications

  • In the official Ring App, go to the Control Center. This can be reached from the main menu, under the Account section. See this article if you are having trouble finding it
  • Click on Authorized Client Devices
  • You will now see a list of authorized devices on your account. You should remove all devices (2) associated with the Ring Doorbell and Cameras App. The devices created by this App will be listed as android devices, with names like:
    • Homey
    • Device name not found
  • Once you have removed all of the extra devices, you will need to re-authenticate at Ring
  • Restart the Ring Doorbell and Cameras App on your Homey
  • Go into any of your Ring devices and re-authenticate by clicking Try to Repair and logon.
  • Notifications should now be working :crossed_fingers: :rocket:

Click here for the original article by the author of the ring-client-api library

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How To: Check if the Ring App is authenticated at Ring

Sometime the authentication of the Ring App at Ring is lost. When this happens your Ring devices will be set unavailable. This can easily be seen because the device tile will show a red triangle with an exclamation icon in it.


Another method to check the authentication status is via the apps settings pages.

Follow these steps to check the Authentication State in the Homey app

Select …More

Now scroll all the way down and click Settings

Scroll all the way down again until you get to the Apps section and click on Ring

The next page will show the authentication status of the Ring App at Ring.
When the Ring App is successfully authenticated the screen below is shown

When the Ring App is not successfully authenticated the reason why will be shown. This will look like this, the actual reason however may vary.

In this case you need to authenticate at Ring. This can be done by repairing a Ring device

How to: Repairing a Ring device

When the authentication at Ring is lost you can authenticate again by using the Device Repair Wizard.

Follow these steps to repair a Ring Device in the Homey app

Select Devices

Now long click on a Ring Device to open the device.
Next click on Try to Repair

This will take you to the logon screen

After entering the correct account information and clicking Authenticate the MFA code screen is shown.

When the entered MFA Code is valid the Ring App will be authenticated at Ring again which will be shown like this.

Click Continue to close the Device Repair Wizard.

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Thanks for the app, I’ve installed it on. HP23, just some feedback -

  1. the chime flow card didn’t work until after the app was restarted (unknown device I’d error).

  2. In addition to that I had something funky happen when adding devices, where I was able to add chimes twice. At the time I was renaming some of the devices (and added a new one) in the app - but it wasn’t just the renamed devices it was all of them which were re-added.

  3. my approach for repairing was to just setUnavailable to the device - this then shows a “would you like to repair” screen from the device directly with out going to maintenance. Perhaps you are already doing this - or perhaps there is a reason you can’t, just in case though.


All these problems are resolved, by deleting the chimes - readd and then restarting the app.

Thanks for all the hard work! I hope Athom fix their end soon :slight_smile:


Hi Jamie,

Thanks for your feedback.
I’ve not experienced the Chime flow card not working at first, I will try to reproduce. Was this all ‘in the same session’, adding the chime, adding the flow and testing it?

Did you end up with 2 instances of 1 and the same device? That sounds like a Homey Pro Early 2023 bug to me, I’ve not seen such behaviour like that in testing and the adding process is actually a Homey function.

I’m not really getting the third point you mention, what did you mean with ‘set unavailable’ to the device?

I’m interested to know which exact devices you are using with the app, I’m trying to setup a compatibility list, could you please send me a PM with that info?


  1. Yes this was all in the same session, once the app was restarted it worked as expected.
  2. Yes I did, I wonder if ‘uniqueID’ alters when renaming using the ring app, that might explain it, either way ill let you know if it happens again.
  3. If you Device - Homey Apps SDK v3 set a device as unavailable then rather then having to pair via the maintenance you can do it using this screen :

I dont have many devices, I use arlo as my main system but I have the following devices for my doorbell :

Ah, now I get what you mean with the third point, Thanks that’s a good tip, will look into implementing it!

I’ll send you a PM about the devices.

New test version published

Current test version: 2.10.1

  • App updated to SDK3
  • Added several new translations
  • Added new App Store images
  • Minor code fixes
  • Improved device add function
  • Improved device repair function
  • Improved apps settings page

You can find it here: Ring App (test version)

This version is the first SDK3 version. Next to the upgrade there are also some improvements and minor fixes.
There are also some languages added, I’ve used ChatGPT for this so I’m not sure everything is correct. If you spot errors, please post them on Github

Unfortunately updating the app to SDK3 does not mean it’s ready for Homey Pro Early 2023, some functionality is not working.
Most noticeable is that it is nog longer possible to retrieve a snapshot by using a flow. I’ve done my best getting this fixed by Athom but until now without result. If this is not fixed by Athom I will have no other choice than to remove this functionality completely.

With snapshot what are you meaning ?

When someone rings the doorbell it’s not possible anymore to get a snapshot ?

That’s sad if that’s so

This card is currently not working on Homey Pro Early 2023


Subsequently this card is never triggered:


And that’s indeed sad.

Hopefully athom will fix it otherwise the app has less added value for me

@DaneedeKruyff het lijkt er op dat dit in de software ge-update is want ik kan het kaartje gebruiken / krijg de snapshot binnen !

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Here it is not working :cry:

Please keep the conversation in English.

Can you please show the flow you’re using? Because as far as I can see nothing has changed. (But can’t really test it thourougly right now)

I sorry , i will keep it in English……

but you’re right.
I use the snapshot card in telegram.
That’s working !

I have reinstalled the app and repaired the doorbell, however it keeps saying I have to reauthenticate the app every 4 hours.
When checking the app it says it is authenticated. So I also tried revoking auth and re-auth there.
Any other ideas?