Ring Doorbell and Camera support for Homey

How To: Check if the Ring App is authenticated at Ring

Sometime the authentication of the Ring App at Ring is lost. When this happens your Ring devices will be set unavailable. This can easily be seen because the device tile will show a red triangle with an exclamation icon in it.


Another method to check the authentication status is via the apps settings pages.

Follow these steps to check the Authentication State in the Homey app

Select …More

Now scroll all the way down and click Settings

Scroll all the way down again until you get to the Apps section and click on Ring

The next page will show the authentication status of the Ring App at Ring.
When the Ring App is successfully authenticated the screen below is shown

When the Ring App is not successfully authenticated the reason why will be shown. This will look like this, the actual reason however may vary.

In this case you need to authenticate at Ring. This can be done by repairing a Ring device