Ring Doorbell and Camera support for Homey

Test version promoted to stable version

Version 2.10.20

  • Added Smart Alerts to Doorbell and Cameras
  • Minor translation fixes

This version that has been in test the last weeks brings Smart Alerts to you Doorbell and Cameras. To be able to use this functionality you will have to have a subscription at Ring, then you just have to enable this functionality on your device in the Ring Smartphone app.
Go into the device and select Motion Settings. Next scroll down and click on Smart Alerts and click Enable Feature. After confirming the message about the slight delay this function will bring you are taken to the setting of Smart Alerts. Here you can set if you want to record and/or alert per Smart Alert type. Click on Done when you have made the desired selection.

Now you’ve setup your device you can start using the Motion Type tag that’s added to the The motion alarm turned on flow card.

The different types will be in the language you’ve set Homey to, they are displayed on the tooltip. To get comfortable using them, I suggest to make a test flow like this:

IMPORTANT: There still is a problem with receiving notifications from Ring. There’s a fix in the ring-client-api that partially solve this, I will publish a test version with the new ring-client-api as soon as possible.