Ring Doorbell and Camera support for Homey

New test version published

Version 2.10.25

  • Improved new ring-client-api

This version fixes the last problem with the notifications not being send longer than 24 hours after logging on at Ring, it not surviving a restart of the Ring Doorbell and Cameras app.

After installing this version you will have to once more go through these steps, but now for the last time*.

  • In the official Ring App, go to the Control Center. This can be reached from the main menu, under the Account section. See this article if you are having trouble finding it
  • Click on Authorized Client Devices
  • You will now see a list of authorized devices on your account. The devices created by this App will be listed as android devices, with names like:
    • Homey
    • Device name not found or Homey-Auth-token
  • Remove all devices with names like above (Device name not found may be in your own language!)
  • After removing the devices please stop and start the Ring Doorbell and Cameras app on your Homey
  • Now open any of your Ring devices in the Homey app and click the Try to Repair button to loggin at Ring.
  • Now you’ll have to wait a bit, while everything is setup right now there’s a delay before notifications actually start working again, wait at least a minute or 5. If after that time notifications are still not received, restart the Ring Doorbell and Cameras app once more.

* This version is published as a test version. The reason I published this as a test version is because the ring-client-api module is published as a beta version and may still change before going final. It is possible that the final version of the ring-client-api module requires to once more delete the authorised devices. In regards to stability of this version; I’ve been running this version a couple of days now on several Homeys without any problems.