Ring Doorbell and Camera support for Homey

New test version published

Version 2.10.19

  • Test version for Advanced Motion

Ring Doorbells and Cameras can make a difference in recognizing the type of movement detected1, now this difference can also be used in Homey!

To use this I’ve added the tag Motion Type to the The motion alarm turned on trigger card:


For now theRing Doorbell and Cameras are capable of recognising Human2 and Package2. All other types will be labelled as Other2.

Usage example:

The use of Heimdall is just for demonstration purposes

1 To enable this functionality open the device in the official Ring app on your smartphone and go to Movement settings. Next enable Smart Alerts.
This function requires a subscription at Ring. This has been tested with a Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2. It is not guaranteed to work with all Ring Doorbell and Camera types. Please visit the Ring website to see if your device type supports Smart Alerts.

2 These descriptions are language dependant, These descriptions will be added to the tooltip before final release of this functionality.