[HowTo][Pro] Restarting Homey Pro to Recovery Mode - Adv. Options From Mobile

This option is only for Homey (Pro) models “Early 2016”, “Early 2018” and “Early 2019” so Only the White Ball’s

Sometimes you need the extra options, things hidden for normal use,
for example:

  • Full Firmware download
  • Complete Reset to sell your old Homey

Or maybe you just want to change Homey’s WiFi.

There are now a couple of extra options in the mobile Apps, so no need to use an FireFox or Chome Browser with flags enabled to press the Alt- key on your keyboard. Just use your App from now on! (Available from Mobile App v 6.11.2, both Android and iOS)

First new: If you have a Computer online and want to Restart Homey Pro in Recovery mode, no need to roll her on her back. Just press “Restart into Recovery Mode” from Homey Developer Tools


Just like normal the recovery in your Mobile App: (More … Select Homey, + Add New Homey, Setup- Homey Pro, Connect WiFi to HomeySetup-XXXXXX …)

If you have Cloud Backups it first asks if you wan to restore a Backup. Choose the appropriate!

(In My case I didn’t restore as the current Config should be kept, but that also depends for example on if the Config is corrupted or that you would revert to an older Backup)

You get a new Options Menu after connecting Your Homey Pro to WiFi:


All extra options are now available from the Mobile App.


In the end Homey Pro will check is she is on her feet…

Just in case connecting to HomeySetup-XXXXXX results in a Mobile that sees there is no Internet:

klik Keep the WiFi Connection!
(and/or Check if setup doesn’t work that the Mobile stays connected :wink: )


I made a related, additional how-to, because the procedure is not very straightforward

Pressed by accident the “restart into recovery mode” but I don’t want to recover. How to revert back to a normal restart?

Why isn’t the button protected with a confirmation dialog?

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Just unplug it, and plug it in again will Homey start in normal mode.

The developer site was originally meant for, well, developers, and I’m pretty sure they hate every ‘Are you sure?’ pop-up :upside_down_face:
And nothing breaks when starting in recovery.

Nothing personal, but how can one press THIS button by accident:
Screenshot from 2023-02-23 00-51-18

And don’t take this too serious pls. I was just wondering.

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pointer jumped automatically to the button, not reading but clicking did the trick :unamused:

where can I find this “restart in recovery Mode” button on the HP23? I’ve tried everything. Also insert a pin into the HP23 for 10 seconds and cannot get into the menu for a full software update. I don’t think pressing “Restore factory settings” is the way to go here.

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That option does not exist for Homey Pro (Early 2023).