Recovery mode doesn't work (Homey Pro early 2023)

Trying to move my Homey Pro to another house.
Turned it upside down, but the lights continue to be rainbow.
Trying to add a new device doesn’t find it either.

Any thoughts, or just a hardware issue that requires a return?


Let me just Google that for you:

Setup mode for Homey Pro 2023 does not involve turning it upside down (except to access the pin hole).

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Good to know the automation community for Homey is just as smarmy as it has been back to the X-10 days.

If the Homey folks end up finding this, please don’t send Homey Pro 2023 customers to the support for “Homey Pro” (not 2023) instructions within your own app.

Would also be good to mark older support docs as (pre 2023). There is no way for a new user to know that this page doesn’t apply to the “Homey Pro” they just purchased.

There is one App,
and in support many articles are renamed or under the header 2016-2019

and still a lot things are the same, just not this one…

But feel free to use the feedback buttons, it helps them prioritize the issues that need changes


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